What are New York Stories?

This writing series aims to highlight the serendipity, quirkiness, chaos, absurdity, hilarity, and absolute magic that can make up a day in New York. I’m transforming real stories from my life and my friends’ lives into short fiction. Each will have a different flavor: some racy, some uplifting, some ridiculous, some random, some absolutely wild. New characters with almost every post; all based on true New York stories. Would love to hear what you think, and if you have a New York story that belongs here…

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Real New York stories, fictionalized.


Diana Hawk

Diana has written a YA fiction book (inspired by the flow & drama of Gossip Girl but w/ kinder characters). She also writes New York stories, where she takes REAL experiences-the magical, sexy, chaotic, etc-and makes them read like fiction vignettes.